Interested in being a Hull Street stockist?
We'd love to work with you! Check out our catalog and brand information below!

  • Up to 60% off retail

  • Low order and reorder minimums

  • Short lead times

How to Order

Easily order by emailing Erica at hello @ or on Faire and Abound.

  • Why Hull Street Studio

    Hull Street is bright and colorful, happy and witty. Fill your shop with fresh, eye-catching artwork and home decor. Delight your customers with unusual gifts from sweetly simple holiday decorations, to funky ornaments, to colorful framed papercuts and bookcase baubles.

    We love simple things, bursts of color and just a bit of charming wit. We use all that to create irresistibly fun stuff. Stuff that’s delightfully different, stuff that helps hold memories of people and places, and stuff that just makes you happy.

    Each item is handmade in our studio in Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.

  • About Our Papercuts

    Our modern papercuts are original designs, cut from white cardstock and put together for a 3D effect.

    Each background is an original, made from our hand-marbled paper, ink wash paintings or recycled magazine pages.

    What this means for you is no matter how many of a design you order, each will be an original one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. Stockists receive an incredible variety of backgrounds compared to our online retail listings.

    Finished with a black wood gallery frame with an easel for the table and hooks for the wall.

  • Custom and Local Designs

    Celebrate your hometown with a local icon; phrases, landmarks and quirks that make your community unique and that residents and visitors love. The perfect piece for best friends who move away, visitors who come to stay and for a reminder of home when far away. Talk to us about designing a piece for your shop!

    Custom designs are welcome with a minimum initial order of 6 pieces. Exclusivity of custom designs requires a minimum of 6 pieces of that design ordered every 3 months.

Email us for more information and a price sheet -