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9in Monstera Leaf Plant Stand

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Elevate your plant babies with this stunning, modern monstera leaf plant stand. Crafted from durable laser-cut wood and hand-painted in a luxe palette of lush green and shimmering metallic gold, it's the perfect chic pedestal to showcase your favorite foliage.

Cut from 1/2in wood and treated to be water-resistant, this adorable little stool is perfect for adding height to your plant collection and keeping furniture clean.

9in wide and 3in tall, this retro-style painted wood flower is perfect for a 6in or smaller pot.

The iconic monstera leaf shape is instantly recognizable, making this plant stand a bold, botanical-inspired piece of functional decor. Meticulously hand-painted, the deep forest green base is accented with shimmering metallic gold details that add an elevated, luxurious touch.

This modern monstera leaf plant stand is a must-have for the plant parent with a penchant for on-trend decor. It makes a thoughtful housewarming, new homeowner, or holiday gift that celebrates their green thumb in style.

Elevate your indoor jungle and add a touch of sculptural sophistication with this handmade, metallic-accented monstera plant stand. Display it proudly in your living room, office, or anywhere that needs a modern botanical focal point.

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