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Plant Name Friendship Bracelet Trellis

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This delightful plant trellis brings a playful, boho-inspired touch to your indoor garden. Crafted from durable powder-coated metal in a circular hoop shape, it features a vibrant assortment of colorful friendship bracelet-style beads woven on with wire.

9 x 13in metal hoop trellis

The eye-catching combination of the sleek metal frame and whimsical, beaded details creates a unique piece of functional decor that beautifully showcases your thriving plants. Whether you use it to support a cascading pothos, trailing ivy, or blooming vines, this trellis adds a playful, artistic element.

The beaded embellishments in an array of cheerful hues - including pops of pink, orange, blue, and green - add a handcrafted, artisanal feel. The beads are securely woven through the metal frame for long-lasting durability.

Elevate your indoor plant display or outdoor garden with this one-of-a-kind, boho-chic plant trellis. It makes a delightful housewarming gift for the plant-loving friend with an eclectic, free-spirited aesthetic.

Color of beads will vary within the same color palette.

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